Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Insung S. Choi Date of birth: January 9, 1969 Professor of Chemistry and of Bio and Brain Engineering KAIST

DOI: 10.1002/anie.201310974

I thought about doing a post about that microfluidics minireview, but that would require me reading it in detail. And I'm already getting ready for next week's review. Eventually as I'll get better at this, maybe I'll have time to comment on the second review that comes out with each issue as well. And maybe even on some of the more inane two page 'comments' written by some famous professor. But until then, more of these fun posts that make me relax after reading an intense review.

Right, let's see here. Piece of equipment the person would like to be is 'stopwatch'. Okay, moving on we have a safe-bet pick of a famous French expressionist as favorite painter... Well, to tell the truth I actually like this one. You don't get any useful information really out of these profiles, and I thought the answer about following your curiosity in science as great. Not enough people do this these days. Especially with tight funding and universities wanting you to bring in money. Writing a sci-fi novel is also what I wanted to do if I ever became unemployed... but after looking into it seriously for a bit, I decided the competition was a bit too stiff and I'm better off reading Angewandte reviews.

The best answer of course, is as to what he sees himself doing in the future. Raising rabbits. That might seem like a whimsical answer, but it actually reveals that Insung Choi has thought deeply about the future and the coming apocalypse, where the few human survivors are forced to survive in a cruel, radioactive world. That, coupled with a story I saw on TV about a giant rabbit breed from Russia being grown for meat to be shipped to Asia, makes me think that being a giant rabbit farmer is a useful post-apocalyptic occupation. Another one is being an giant rabbit farm guard to stop the raiders, but you need some serious firearms training for that. I mean, have you seen some of these things!? They are freakin' huge. Lots of meat.

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